Baby Decor to beat the purse!

Baby Decor to beat the purse!

We all have our own design style, from minimalist to full on, from muted earth tones, to a complete safari theme, sometimes its all too much … and oh my gosh the cost! 

When picking a theme for a nursery or a small space in your bedroom its probably best to try and keep it as simple as possible with a theme than can be added to over time. Don't spend too much money, decor that will only last a short while will not help your purse!!

Buys things that are adaptable to change and will be around for a long time as babies grow.

Pick your colours first, what ever you like always add one main colour and one sub colour that can be accessorised over time. 

Decor is about a personality so I would always recommend keeping the space as simple as possible  to start with, until you know babies personality! And believe me that will happen very quickly!! However if you feel the need for a full on theme before baby arrives check out Pinterest for some great ideas.

There are so many discount shops around now where you can pick up some really cute ‘stuff’ and even pre loved items can be up cycled, with a sand down and lick of paint.

However I would  always  recommend spending  a little more on blankets and crib for baby, a good quality blanket or two will last a lifetime.

But… more importantly than anything.. enjoy these moments of planning, shopping and designing for those little hands and feet 👣



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