The protection and safety of our customers is our priority from initial purchase through to delivery of your items. Delivery times are as usual, and orders are being sent out within 24 from purchase (except for bank holidays) by first class post.

Our Online Purchase measures:

- Implementing a heightened cleaning regime during packing. Ensuring all packing materials are kept in a clean and appropriate environment.

- All orders are properly sealed for posting and where possible be made for your mailbox. Online retailers have been encouraged to reduce the size of packages to facilitate this type of delivery as much as possible.

- If your parcel does not fit in the mailbox, the delivery workers should knock on the door or ring the bell to notify you that they are there. The package must be put on the doorstep for you to take it without having contact with the delivery person.

- Parcels will still be sent ‘signed for’ if too big for the letter box but no handwritten or electronic signature is needed as the aim is to reduce contact.